008 AstroPodcast Bilge Demirkoz

AstroPodcast interviews Bilge Demirkoz, particle physicist and faculty member of METU doing research at CERN.  Bilge works on the AMS detector and is researching the recovered data from it and talks to us about cosmic rays, dark matter, the Higgs Boson and much more.

Website :  http://demirkoz.web.cern.ch/demirkoz/

Twitter:  @BilgeDemirkoz

Twitter CERN exhibition (Turkish) : @CERNsergisi


Bilge Demirkoz taken by Robert Leslie

Bilge Demirkoz and CERN exhibition

Bilge Demirkoz and CERN exhibition


AMS Detector 02 - Image courtesy of NASA


METU – Middle East Technical University
METU Cern exhibition
Higgs Mechanism
Higgs Field
Higgs particle
Dark Matter
Super Symmetry Theory
Dark energy
Marie Curie
ECIS Mathematics competition
cosmic microwave background radiation
W and Z  particles
 MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard’s president opinion on women and mathematics
Caltech – California Institute of Technology
Harvard University
Stanford University
ISS – International Space Station
AMS Alpha magnetic spectrometer
Cosmic Rays
teraelectron volts
trasition radiation detector
Silicon Tracker
Anti-Coincidence Counter
Electromagnetic CALorimeter
Ring Imaging CHerenkov detector
ATLAS project
Dr Fred Watson
60 Minutes Large Hadron Collider


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