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This week AstroPodcast talks to Richard Lane, Australian astronomer doing post-doc work in Chile. The discussion ranges from what it’s like to work in a different country to dark matter in globular clusters and elliptical galaxies – and lots inbetween.

Richard Lane

Richard Lane

Aurigas Wheel

Auriga's Wheel collision

Aurigas Wheel collision timeframe

Auriga's Wheel collision time frame


Nice view!

Local wildlife

Local wildlife


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Show Links

Richard Lane – webpage

Concepción University – Chile Physics Dept.

University Admissions Centre 

Macquarie University

Macquarie University Numeracy Centre

Geraint Lewis

Gravitational Lensing

Tom Richtler

Concepción, Chile

Plummer Sphere

Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy

Monoceros Ring

Dark Matter in Globular Clusters (paper)

No Dark Matter In The Solar System

Millennium Simulation

 Virgo Cluster

VLT – Very Large Telescope


Victor Blanco Telescope

 ELT – Extremely Large Telescope

Valparaiso Chile

Auriga’s Wheel

Pope’s Glen Bushcare Group

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