006 AstroPodcast – SPSP 2012

This week AstroPodcast visits the 20th South Pacific Star Party held at “Wiruna”, Ilford, NSW – some 3 and a bit hours south of Coonabarabran. Allison talks to Don Whiteman one of the founders of the event from the ASNSW (Astronomical Society of NSW)  as well as some of the winners in the telescope building category. If you have always wondered what a star party is like then listen in.

main field south pacific star party 2012

click for large image

Chris Beaumond GEM 1

Winning mount - click for larger image


Chris Beamond GEM

Chris Beamond Winning Entry

alan cairncross scope 1

Alan Cairncross and his entry

Show Links


Don Whiteman


Les Sara

1st South Pacific Star Party

Richard Berry

David Kreig

Obsession Telescopes


Ron Ravneberg

Thane Bopp

Boppian Telescope

Ilford Community Hall

David Malin

Max Gardner

Bells Line of Road

Chris Ross

sago snow

sky quality meter

Prize list from SPSP #12 (I won the LX200)

Dr Miriam Baltuck

Professor Ed Stone

Mike Smith (left)

Caroline Porco

cold cameras

gas hyper-sensitization

Ronchi testing

Joe Cauchi

Scott Mellish Astronomy Sketch of the Day

Scott Mellish in the snow

Lyrids April 2012


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