004 AstroPodcast Fred Watson

This week AstroPodcast interviews Dr Fred Watson, Astronomer in Charge at the AAO. Fred talks about his early life and what prompted him to become an astronomer, as well as his science outreach tours and the things that excite him in science at the moment. Lots of fun!

Fred Watson AstroPodcast

Fred Watson Homepage – http://www.fredwatson.com.au/


 Show Links

Fred Watson Astronomer in Charge
RAVE survey
Warrumbungle Shire Council Light Policy 
Cemetery Rd, Bradford
Sputnik 1
Dan Dare –  Pilot of the Future
New Scientist
The Sky at Night
The University of St Andrews
Sir Howard Grubb Parsons and Co Ltd
Great Melbourne Telescope
1.8m telescope Asiago, Italy
UK Schmidt
UK Infra-Red Telescope Hawaii
William Herschel telescope
TD1 Thor Delta
UV telescope S68
Hawker Siddeley Dynamics
The Royal Observatory – Greenwich
Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac Office
Royal Observatory – Edingburgh
Dr Victor Clube
Dr Bill Napier
Theory of Terrestrial Catastrophism
John Dawe
Star Gazer – life and times of the telescope
Thirteen Towers of Chankillo – Peru
The Eclipse Tour
Paul Willis Catalyst
Nick Petford Vulcanologist
The Volcano That Stopped the World
Ross Edwards – Composer
4th Symphony – Star Chant
Gryffen Ensemble
Urmas Sisask
The Southern Sky
Curiousity – Mars Rover
New Horizons- Pluto
Cassini – Jupiter
Extremley Large Telescope (ELT)
OWL (overwhemingly large telescope) ESA
LHC – Large Hadron Collider
Higgs Boson
Quantum Biology

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