003 AstroPodcast Project Solaris

AstroPodcast this week talks to 3 members of the Project Solaris team who are setting up automated robotic telescopes in Australia, South Africa and Argentina to look for planets orbiting binary stars. Piotr Sybilski, Stanisław Kozłowski & Rafal Konrad Pawlaszek  talk about who they are, the project and their thoughts about the countries they have visited while setting everything up.

Solaris Team and Dome

Raf - Piotr - Stan. Project Solaris

Solaris Scope

It was raining so no open dome :(

Update: The guys leave Australia in under a week after completing all tasks. While they don’t have any pictures from the Solaris telescope to share yet, they promise they will for their next podcast interview with AstroPodcast – some time next year.  Th following gorgeous pictures were taken by Stan from the team. If you are interested in helping the team with the SaaS they want to build then head over to their contact page.


Solaris nestles in at Siding Spring (click for 2.3meg version)


Open dome and .5 Schmidt Cassegrain on view

Stan, Piotr, Raf

Stan, Piotr, Raf.... looking suitably cool ;)

Show Notes

Project Solaris

Polish Academy of Sciences
Extrasolar circumbinary planets
Solaris – South Africa
Solaris – Argentina
Lady Beetles
Oil of Mint
Professor Maciej Konacki
ASAS Catalogue light curves

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One Response to “003 AstroPodcast Project Solaris”

  1. Bill Magee April 3, 2012 at 12:51 am #

    Hello Allison:
    I enjoyed your podcast with the Project Solaris fellows from Poland.
    Will be looking forward to what they find or not orbiting binary stars.
    I was wondering if any one was doing this type of research of planets orbiting around binaries.
    This podcast answered my question.
    Their English speaking was very easy to understand.
    The population density comparison of Europe compared to South Africa and Australia was
    noteworthy as well.Here in Canada most of the population live within 200 miles of the US border.The rest is mostly empty wilderness.(populated by the local fauna)
    Peace and Clear Skies!
    P.S .Glad I bookmarked your site and will be back for more.

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