002 AstroPodcast Amanda Bauer

This week Dr. Amanda Bauer, Super Science Fellow of the AAO, joins us to talk about her life as an astronomer collecting images of galaxies and trying to find the reason for some of their seemingly strange behaviours.

Dr Amanda Bauer


Amanda can be found at

AstroPixie Blog

AstroPixie Twitter 

Show Notes

Super Science Fellow Program – Australian Government

Comet Hale-Bopp

Comet McNaught

University of Cincinnati

University of Texas

Star-forming galaxies growing up over the last ten billion years – Amanda Bauer

AAT – Australian Astronomical Observatory

GAMA – Galaxy and Mass Assembly Survey

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

2dF – AAOmega Spectograph

Parkes Radio Telescope

John SarkissianApollo 11’s Missing Tapes

Muse – Super Massive Black Hole

TWISST – ISS on Twitter

The Lodge for visiting astronomers – (accommodation and GREAT food according to Amanda) Siding Spring Observatory

AAT Weather Conditions

wind and rain from AAT catwalk




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