001 AstroPodcast Rob McNaught

AstroPodcast  interviews Rob McNaught, NEO hunter from Siding Spring Observatory. We talk about how he became an astronomer and his current project with the Siding Spring Survey.


Rob McNaught

Rob McNaught with the Uppsala telescope he uses to scan for NEOs

Uppsala telescope Siding Spring

Danger! Telescope!


Show Notes

Rob McNaught – Wikipedia entry

Rob McNaught – Siding Spring Survey Page

Prestwick, Scotland

Junior Astronomical Society – now the Society for Popular Astronomy

Papers of the Balfour Stewart Auroral Laboratory

Noctilucent Clouds

Duncan Steel

UK Schmidt Telescope

Steve Larson of Catalina Sky Survey

Uppsala Schmidt telescope history

International Astronomical Union

NEO and the IAU

Birdwatching in the Pilliga

Asteroid 1950 DA

99942 Apophis

Gordon Garradd

Not discussed but should be mentioned

C/2006 P1 – Comet McNaught

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Full Transcript

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