AstroPodcast is GO!

Allison from AstroPodcastWhen you live in the Astronomy Capital of Australia ( Coonabarabran) home of Siding Spring Observatory, and your partner works there…and you are a keen amateur astronomer but even more of an internet nerd well it makes perfect sense to go interview all of the amazing people that are around the place (and the globe).

Some facts about AstroPodcast

  • Most interviews are recorded in the local radio station and not at the observatory (which is a really noisy place!)
  • There has been a French podcast using the same name that appears to have been sunsetted back in 2009. I have no affiliation with that podcast
  • We are looking for sponsors to help with the cost of hosting and to give away cool prizes. If your business wants to attract smart, good looking (rich!) podcast listeners then drop me a line on the contact page
  • Despite the “irregular” mention in the podcast intro the plan is to put out an interview weekly
  • I have a couple of other podcasts so i do know what I am doing
  • I own a Meade LX200 that I won…yeah I can hear the BOOOO from here, believe me everyone does it
  • If you are an astronomer, or into astronomy, and you want to be interviewed then click on the contact page – I would love to hear from you (I can do Skype if you aren’t local)
  • PLEASE SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss an episode – I really like PocketCasts , if you have an iPhone or Android then get it now… it’s really fantastic.

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