Ask An Astronomer

Hey check out that nifty thing over on the right hand side of the page (if you are reading this via RSS you will need to come over to the AstroPodcast website to see) . Have you always had a burning question for an astronomer, or even a mildly curious musing you would like someone who knows about it to clarify? Well you are in luck!

Leave a voicemail message with your question and I will ask an astronomer and get it in a future podcast. How cool is that?!?  It’s really easy to do… just click on the thingy and a recording button will come up (make sure you have a microphone connected) and ask away… make sure you leave your name or an alias ..and your email address if you want notification of when your question is answered.

ask an astronomer

Also if you hang out with us on the AtsoPodcast Facebook page there’s a tab over there to record too

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