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008 AstroPodcast Bilge Demirkoz

AstroPodcast interviews Bilge Demirkoz, particle physicist and faculty member of METU doing research at CERN.  Bilge works on the AMS detector and is researching the recovered data from it and talks to us about cosmic rays, dark matter, the Higgs Boson and much more. Website : Twitter:  @BilgeDemirkoz Twitter CERN exhibition (Turkish) : @CERNsergisi   […]

007 AstroPodcast Richard Lane

This week AstroPodcast talks to Richard Lane, Australian astronomer doing post-doc work in Chile. The discussion ranges from what it’s like to work in a different country to dark matter in globular clusters and elliptical galaxies – and lots inbetween.   Sponsored By Listen to podcast for special deal code for iTelescope Show Links Richard Lane – webpage […]

006 AstroPodcast – SPSP 2012

This week AstroPodcast visits the 20th South Pacific Star Party held at “Wiruna”, Ilford, NSW – some 3 and a bit hours south of Coonabarabran. Allison talks to Don Whiteman one of the founders of the event from the ASNSW (Astronomical Society of NSW)  as well as some of the winners in the telescope building […]

004 AstroPodcast Fred Watson

This week AstroPodcast interviews Dr Fred Watson, Astronomer in Charge at the AAO. Fred talks about his early life and what prompted him to become an astronomer, as well as his science outreach tours and the things that excite him in science at the moment. Lots of fun! Fred Watson Homepage –    Show Links Fred Watson […]

003 AstroPodcast Project Solaris

AstroPodcast this week talks to 3 members of the Project Solaris team who are setting up automated robotic telescopes in Australia, South Africa and Argentina to look for planets orbiting binary stars. Piotr Sybilski, Stanisław Kozłowski & Rafal Konrad Pawlaszek  talk about who they are, the project and their thoughts about the countries they have visited […]

002 AstroPodcast Amanda Bauer

This week Dr. Amanda Bauer, Super Science Fellow of the AAO, joins us to talk about her life as an astronomer collecting images of galaxies and trying to find the reason for some of their seemingly strange behaviours.   Amanda can be found at AstroPixie Blog AstroPixie Twitter  Show Notes Super Science Fellow Program – […]

001 AstroPodcast Rob McNaught

AstroPodcast  interviews Rob McNaught, NEO hunter from Siding Spring Observatory. We talk about how he became an astronomer and his current project with the Siding Spring Survey.     Show Notes Rob McNaught – Wikipedia entry Rob McNaught – Siding Spring Survey Page Prestwick, Scotland Junior Astronomical Society – now the Society for Popular Astronomy Papers […]

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