Allison from AstroPodcastHi my name is Allison Reynolds and I live in the Astronomy Capital of Australia, Coonabarabran – home of Siding Spring Observatory. The observatory (and the town) is home to many projects, interesting astronomers and keen amateurs. That makes for some rich picking when it comes to creating a podcast.

The AstroPodcast focuses on the people and their projects to get the human interest side of astronomy. So much of the cool stuff is hidden behind the dry science (even though I love science you have to admit some of it is very stuffy and not approachable for the average person) and getting the word out to the general public about astronomy will help ensure funding and advocates for the discipline in years to come. Mind you there’s going to be in-depth types of interviews as well…and astronomer vs astronomer kinds of discussions.

If you want to be interviewed, or know of a subject or person you want interviewed then please drop me a line on the Contact page.


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