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  • Rob McNaught Losing Funding [video]

    One of the things that Rob and I did not discuss in our first podcast was the fact that his funding was ending and that in the Southern Hemisphere there would be no further comet hunting by arguably the world’s best NEO hunter. That was because Rob is too much of a gentleman to be outspoken about […]

  • 008 AstroPodcast Bilge Demirkoz

    AstroPodcast interviews Bilge Demirkoz, particle physicist and faculty member of METU doing research at CERN.  Bilge works on the AMS detector and is researching the recovered data from it and talks to us about cosmic rays, dark matter, the Higgs Boson and much more. Website : Twitter:  @BilgeDemirkoz Twitter CERN exhibition (Turkish) : @CERNsergisi   […]

  • Transcript 004 Fred Watson

    FEMALE: Direct from the astronomy capital of Australia comes the Astro Podcast. An irregular series of interviews with interesting astro people about projects and passions that keep their eyes to the sky. ALLISON: Hi! Allison here from Astro Podcast. This week we interview Dr. Fred Watson. But before then I just want to remind you […]

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